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“Lunar Glow” by Ookean
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Ambient music is climatic in nature. The concept behind ambient music is to offer wandering noise for your conscious mind. It’s music of semi-awareness rather than something you jam to.


Not all ambient music is intended for relaxation, but those CDs are an extremely excellent example. Ambient music can likewise be compared to elevator music, it’s something to offer climatic sound.


Early pioneers include Eric Satie, and Brian Eno. Satie was an early 20th century French composer who produced a type of music, that he called “furniture music”. Background music to be played during supper, to produce an atmosphere for eating.


Eno is credited with producing the term ‘ambient music’. He utilized it to explain music he developed that can be actively listened to, or neglected. He used the term to separate his music from elevator music, and Muzak although they truly do the same thing. The general concept is to create an ambient climatic listening experience for people.


Producing ambient music can be very simple, or really difficult depending on how much work you wish to put into it. Since ambient music; in general, is about background noise you can practically do anything you desire. Synthesizer, low bass; particularly humming bass that moves in and out, and other non-intrusive elements work best.


They struck and echo away slowly, and the next aspect hits ideal about the time the one before it fades away. Sounds like wind, and running water are great, actually anything will work.


My name is Ryan and My love in life is music. Listening to it, making it and exploring it. Music really is my drive in life.



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