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“Strange Land” (plus instrumental version) by MNDLSS feat. Naiad
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I like downtempo, chill electronica music, especially when improved by peaceful female vocals. If you’re not sure that you really understand what chill-out music is, take a look at the tracks below. You might be surprised to find yourself enjoying their euphoric results.


I recently reviewed several hundred chill-out tracks in my library as part of a regular mining of more than 15,000 tunes. These intermittent explorations remind me just the number of musical gems tend to get obscured in such a large library.


The 11 songs I selected were launched throughout the last 10 years, from 2010 to 2019. You may not recognize the majority of these artists and groups, however you can listen to the music directly via a complimentary Spotify playlist found at my site,


“Obedear” by Purity Ring (2012 ). It’s a wonderful blend of vocals, surreal lyrics, and unusual electronic components.


“Flying” by Moon Duo (2019 ). The track is mainly important with some choral background.


3. “Elemental” by Rezonate (2014 ). An odd electronic author from Toronto, Canada, Nick “Rezonate” Rennie has been flying under the radar of contemporary electronic dance music. Enjoy this remarkable, motivating track.


4. “Dusty Rose (including Ayla Nereo)” by the Human Experience (2014 ). Ayla is a spritely, new-age vocalist from the Northwest who enlivens the magical realms of nature. Let this one wash over you with pleasure. The Human Experience (David Block) is an electronic manufacturer and partner who weaves psychedelic layers of tune with organic grooves and worldwide vibe.


5. “Take My Breath Away” by Aurah (2013 ). The LA-based, Swiss-born husband-and-wife duo Marc Dold and Judith Martin weave magical verses with acoustic guitar and electronic soundscapes.


6. “Rennen” by SOHN (2017 ). Swimming in sporadic keyboard and electronic echoes, this fitting eulogy from the Vienna-based English songwriter SOHN honors a buddy who passed away all of a sudden.


This Philadelphia duo lit up the Apple TV advertisement in which a person danced up the wall and landed on the walkway. Cool advertisement, cool song.


Based in Portland, Oregon, Douglas Appling (Emancipator) is a 32-year-old electronic composer who combines acoustic instruments with classy electronic touches. If you like this track, check out “Tree Hunt” (2017 ). ”


9. “For when it’s warmer” by Sleepy Fish (2019 ). This increasing chill-hop band is so odd that I wasn’t able to find out anything about them!


10. “Sunset in Akkari” by Desert Dwellers (2010 ). Since the late 1990s, the unique Southwest electronic band led by Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe has been integrating natural ambient noises with intercultural music to produce an “incense” for the body and mind. My sibling Chuck and I heard their legendary program at the Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina, in October 2019.


“To the Sun” by Sol Rising (2017 ). I keep hoping he’ll come back to Iowa for a program.



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