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This Video (Credits)



Video transformed and adapted by




“Wonderland” Music mix by Lunacy Chillout




00:00 Wayr – Suspended In Time
03:29 Neutrin05 – Kingdom
07:13 Aurora Borealis – Departure To The Front Lines Of Our Heart
11:42 Poolz – Without You
15:02 Justin Jet Zorbas – A Moment of Peace
17:18 Faodail – Coalesce
22:44 Electus – Archangel
30:51 Day 7 – Fading Love
33:37 Cash – Stratosphere
41:18 AK – Decades
44:17 Almaa – Memories
48:01 Sappheiros – Distant
51:37 Kojak – Looking Up
56:35 Amadeus – Beyond Reality



Meet the blue wonders of ancient Asia in this wonderful chillstep journey. Tranquility sounds for studying, sleep or chill – music for studying.


What is chill out music? What are some excellent chill out CDs?


Chilled music is more precisely defined as electronic since the music is composed electronically. Digitally composed music sounds much better! Chilled music is often played as background music at celebrations, dining establishments, however also at home.


This electronically composed music can be played anytime and, I believe, in any scenario. The factor for this is that it is promoting, unwinding, and uplifting. Listening to some chilled out music is ideal for when you are working, relaxing at house with good friends, when you are exhausted and stressed or sensation blue.


Certainly, this category of music will suggest something different to you. I believe that it is very intriguing music that stays fresh and modern. I frequently listen to some chilled out music when I’m tired or stressed out. It is genuinely incredible how calming and uplifting it is to lay on your bed or couch with some chilled music playing in the background.


If you are looking for some examples, I extremely recommend Café del Mar, Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar, and the In Search of Sunrise series by DJ Tiesto, the king of techno music. The In Search of Sunrise series is amazing: it is soft-core techno that is unwinding to listen to.



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