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“Best of Hallman” by Hallman
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Viktor Hallman, better known just as Hallman in the music industry, is an upcoming Swedish DJ, composer, and music producer that has become extremely popular lately in the EDM music world, and will probably continue to grow as time goes by.


Hallman has always been involved with music. Since very little, he fell in love with music, so much so, he taught himself how to play the piano by watching online tutorials. However, it wasn’t until he got older that he switched the self-taught piano lessons for something more sophisticated, and started experimenting with music software.


It was in that very moment Viktor Hallman began creating various numerous music tracks (again, teaching himself everything) and creating unique pieces all by himself. He currently has over 600.000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 3.000 followers. And, although he has many great songs available, one of his most famous tracks has to be “Get it right now”, the very first track on this full album playlist.


Get it right now” is one of his most recent songs, released in 2019, along with “What to do,” and it falls under the EDM or Electronic Dance Music genre. The song itself also falls into the “relaxing music” category, and it has a very chill vibe and no lyrics, which makes it perfect to be used either at a party, a rave, or just as background music to do your homework.


Get it right now lasts three minutes and fifteen seconds, and it is available on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Youtube. You can either listen to it online or download it to your phone.


Like most EDM music, this particular track is almost entirely made and produced by music software. You see, Electronic Dance Music mainly refers to this specific style, which is often listened to in parties, festivals, and concerts. The thing with EDM that separates this music style from the rest is the fact most songs are massively produced with music software and focus entirely on the rhythm and beat drops rather than lyrics, which, more often than not, are inexistent.


Although artists like Viktor are relatively new to the game, Electronic Dance Music itself isn’t as fresh as people might think. This genre dates back to the late ’90s when it became popular in Europe.


However, EDM music wasn’t mainstream until not too long ago, specifically around 2009-2014, when it became trendy. So much so, huge festivals such as “Tomorrowland” and “ULTRA” are held every year to celebrate the most prominent EDM Dj’s around the world.


Now, in 2019, Electronic Dance Music is very popular still, although the considerable hype that this music genre experienced back in 2009-2010 might have passed. DJ’s and producers such as Viktor still have a huge fan base that continually listens to their songs simply because they love it.


That’s why “Get it right now” by Hallman is such a famous song on Spotify and why he, as a producer/DJ can still get thousands of monthly listeners every month.


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