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This Video (Credits)



Video transformed and adapted by


Music mix by the bootleg boy



0:00 ~flynn – Tesilian

2:10 spencer hunt – it gets easier.

3:12 temmo – West Wind

5:04 cures – stars on top of sugar pills

6:39 H.1 – Beginning

9:27 aarigod – Nostalgic Waves

11:51 Wizard Death – Lillies

14:23 Sebastian Kamae – Wayside

16:29 boone – everything changed when i found you



It’s 1 AM. A couple is talking about the future. The woman’s cigarette smoke lingers by her glass of gin & tonic, creating a colorful spectrum in the night. This video is inspired by those soothing “night colors”. Enjoy!


How do I get a metropolitan ‘mix tape’ ambiance from my taped studio track?


A concern I have been asked and in the beginning I didn’t actually understand, but after speaking with a couple individuals I now comprehend what effect they’re after.


The YouTube listener has actually been listening to poor quality mp3s for a while now, and you understand the funny thing, those poor quality downloads have something enticing about them … Certain song or music styles can take advantage of a narrow, mono audio photo.


Put simply, the lofi, mixtape audio quality in some cases adds punch to a track and can sound cool! Crazy but you need to try it as an effect!


How do I get a mono impact?


Next time you are doing a track in the recording studio, before you mix it down, try putting a stereo expander over the entire mix. There are several totally free ones on Google if you do a look for “free stereo expander”.


What is a stereo expander?


A stereo expander will take a mono or narrow spectrum mix and broaden it so your music will sound ‘spread out’. That is it’s primary job, nevertheless, it can likewise do the opposite.


If you set the expander to in between 0-15% narrow mix you will hear all the instruments and vocals centred without any stereo area, or really little depending upon the settings you choose. To put it simply you are turning your stereo mix (left and right) into a mono mix (centre).


When attempting this on your studio mix you might not want a completely mono mix, a little hint of stereo (state, 10%) will provide it a little width without removing from the centred ‘punchy’ result


The impact.


The effect is a tight, punchy/boxy mix tape or lofi vibe and in some instances can make the track sound better, depending upon the music design.


Hip Hop provides itself to this technique as it produces punchy and hard edged mixes, but this is an ‘effect’ and in most instances you would wish to keep the conventional stereo mix so as not to lose components of the musical ‘picture’ … however try it and see the outcomes!


Bear in mind that your mix levels will appear extremely various with a harsh stereo expander setting so you’ll want to redo the mix to match your tune.




Something else that deserves pointing out in this article is making use of stereo expanders as a mixing tool. A great deal of producers will test their mix in mono as this highlights problem locations in the mix.


If you have a mixed song, take a listen to it with a stereo expander set to 100% mono and notice how some instruments seem way too loud and others are lost.


EQ is important to a good mix, so when you set your track to mono you are successfully putting everything on top of each other. There are no hiding locations in a mono mix!


As soon as you have actually arranged the mix in mono you can change back to stereo and see how clear your mixes are!



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