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This Video (Credits)



Video transformed and adapted by


Music mix by Chillhop Music




・ middle school »
・ Aso »
・ Shopan »
・ chromonicci »
・ Yasper »
・ Fenick »
・ Delayde »
・ auv »
・ sadtoi »
・ G Mills »
・ Kyle McEvoy »
・ Ruck P »
・ L’indécis »
・ Epektase »
・ nymano »
・ Monma »
・ Swørn »
・ Philanthrope »
・ weird inside »
・ Evil Needle »
・ Brock Berrigan »
・ goosetaf »
・ Toonorth »
・ sleepy fish »
・ Robot Orchestra »
・ Strehlow »
・ The BREED »
・ fantompower »
・ ideism »




00:00:00 middle school x Aso – Cypress
00:03:30 Shopan – Woodnot
00:07:02 chromonicci – Memories.
00:10:08 Yasper – Move Together
00:13:30 Fenick x Delayde – Longwayhome
00:15:39 auv – Rockaway 5pm
00:18:24 sadtoi – Aires
00:21:44 G Mills x Kyle McEvoy – Haze
00:24:47 Ruck P – Coffee Break
00:28:17 L’indécis – Simplicity
00:30:35 Epektase x nymano – Wandering At Night
00:32:59 Monma – Yeah
00:35:20 Swørn – Sorry
00:37:40 Philanthrope – Beavis Pt. 1
00:39:30 weird inside – Stickers
00:41:33 Evil Needle – Hypnosis
00:44:55 Brock Berrigan x goosetaf x Kyle McEvoy – Pale Ale
00:47:03 Toonorth – 9.23.19
00:50:02 sleepy fish – Schoolgrounds
00:53:44 Robot Orchestra – Peace of Mind
00:56:11 SAINT WKND – Bonfire
00:58:45 Strehlow – Angel Eyes
01:01:40 The BREED – Save Your Love
01:04:42 fantompower x ideism – On Holly



This video was inspired by a rainy trip to Japan where I had to study for my upcoming exam. This was around the time when Shawn Mendes had a big hit with “Lost in Japan”, so while out with friends at night, that was the tune that was played. But in daytime, plenty of LoFi-beats passed by in the pouring rain.


Music is an art where noise is the medium. It has been around because the evolution of male. From tribal balanced drum whipping, alternating hand clapping and foot stamping to solemn chants.


Music is a personal experience, wherein its definition varies from someone to another. Music is a huge part of society, culture and one’s uniqueness.


Listening to music triggers various parts of the brain, having a rush of both serotonin and dopamine, responsible for causing pleasurable feelings such as consuming chocolates, having orgasms, and even taking drugs for drug abuser.


Music affects humans in both great and bad methods. Music has that ability to take you back in time, which makes it an excellent tool for studying and discovering. Listening to music in a foreign language that you are attempting to find out has double advantages!


Over the course of time, music has actually progressed. Individuals’s taste in music varies and no same people can feel the precise very same feeling from hearing one particular music.


Prior to a group of participants were asked to listen to classical music, their electroencephalograph (EEG) was taken. Later on, they were exposed to classical music and their EEG results revealed that there was a peaceful effect.


Baroque music. The term baroque in art is defined as “grand, massive, comprehensive but baroque music frequently seems to have extremely little of these attributes. A similar test was also done to another set of participants, just this time they were asked to listen to baroque. A drop in blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature was likewise noted. In their EEG, it was learnt that the music triggers their left and right hemispheres. This simultaneous left and ideal brain action led to maximization of learning and enhanced information retention. Studying triggers the left cerebral hemisphere, while listening to music triggers the ideal cerebral hemisphere. Study while tuned in to Bach or Mozart and you may get that ideal grade!


Music is music, while sound is something else. Modern music seems faster nowadays and it was discovered out that listening to quick, positive music speeds up pulse rate, breathing and increases temperature and blood pressure. It is real that this kind of music can leap begin your day and can even encourage you to strike the health club!


Music has a lot of brain advantages.



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